Samsara 2019

the cyclicality of all life

The exhibition comprises of 27 pieces of artwork revolving thematically around life and being reborn Mainly mixed media works weaving spiritual texts in calligraphy as a texture enhancing and bringing out the images still not melting in the background
The artist is self-taught, adopts a contemporary in style, using mixed media and has a distinctive practice of using textures in the art work like typography, calligraphy, maps, decoupaged etc . Strong bold yet minimal strokes bring out the expressive communication the protagonist in the art work. Spirituality and women characters play a pivotal role in Kirthi’s

Kirthi draws much of her inspiration from her travel experiences and first-hand Observation during human interactions. Using a monochromatic palette of sepia hues, the artist says she strives to reproduce the places that inspire her.

Kirthi has established herself as a true innovator, successfully capturing the alluring space between abstraction and realism. She has had many a beautiful reaction to her work lately, “probably it’s my inner self which has resolved its conflict minutely.  this change comes as a result of that appreciation. I thus am desirous of capturing those epiphany moments I have experienced” Each painting is the culmination of a thousand different decisions, thoughts and feelings infused with spirituality, that produce timeless works possessing both simple elegance and haunting solitude.

Title : Describe A Woman Size 23 x 17 inches 19x14 Prize - 7500/-

Artwork done with pencil, inks and calligraphy on canvas paper sketch out a mystical
Indian woman. How would you describe her?

Title: Inner Beauty 1 and 2 Size 17X12 inches Prize - 7500/-

A spiritual vision and the physical form does not define who we are. When we recognize  ourselves more than just our physical bodies, we open our minds to an unlimited vision of ourselves.

Title: Inner Beauty 1 and 2 Size 17X12 inches Prize - 7500/-

A spiritual vision and the physical form does not define who we are. When we recognize  ourselves more than just our physical bodies, we open our minds to an unlimited vision of ourselves.

Title: Sage Size 19x14 inches Pencil and inks Price - 7500/-​

An intrigued look whilst in holy trance only makes you wonder if we disturbed a private
conversation with the divine!

Title: Moksh Size 20x30 inches PRICE- 12000/- canvas Paper charcoal and acrylic calligraphy done in brown ink

This is a depiction of Navabrindavan island in Hampi where I was in conversation with
individuals who were performing shraad for their ancestors. They said that they
performed so to realise the inner journey into intent and meaning beyond prayer.
They get used to the loss they have experienced and a kind of detachment from their
loved ones and that their ancestor’s moksh is a way to deal with the loss through a

Title: State of Mind
Size 20x30
inches canvas paper Inks acrylic paints and acrylic pens
Prize - 12000/-

Calligraphy speaks about the conditional and constitutional state of the body and how
we accept the soul as a physical form. When we know that it is temporary in nature, the
best way is to be in the now and have a sense of direction.

Title: Imperfect Mirror Perfect Being
Size 20x 30 inches Charcoal and calligraphy done by fountain pen on canvas paper
Price - 12000/-

A gotipua dancer dedicates his childhood portraying emotion of a female being a male.
When he reaches puberty he is asked to retire when it has become second nature for
him to behave like the character he plays. This work speaks about the dilemma they
face when they must be looking at the mirror. They are perfect beings with an imperfect
image in the social mirror!

Title: Quantum Leap in Faith and Understanding
Size 20x30 inches on canvas paper Brown charcoal and calligraphy in brown walnut ink
PRICE- 12000/-

Poised to take the leap, A step towards a higher dimension, Breaking patterns believing
that, There is an invisible safety net, Which will hold and not let us down,
Propelling one to break the habit and, Take action to reach true ful

Title: Action in Karma Size: 20x30 inches on canvas paper Fountain ink calligraphy done with same ink and acrylic Price - 12000/-

This work speaks about self-realisation being the ultimate quest, avoiding fatalistic
ideas about karma as in reality every religion speaks about immersing self in helping
the needy and to accept that as a peak to be achieved, experience

Title: May Your Dreams Be Shattered Size: 20x30 inches inks on canvas paper Price - 12000/-

When we bless someone with the hope that their dreams come true, we pray for some
thing we have envisioned and want that to manifest. But when we say hope your dreams
are shattered, we want something that we never imagined to come true and that may
the surreal realm manifest itself for them!

Title: Looking Back In Life Size 17x12 inches Pencil inks calligraphy Price - 12000/-

Learning from the past helps us in accepting it and being conscious about learning from
it. It helps in evolving rather than eroding.

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