Profile : Born 17 th August 1970

Work History:  

  • Art teacher in Father Agnel multipurpose school Vashi new Bombay April 05 – Jul 08
  • Counsellor at Growth Centre Chembur March 08 – July 11
  •  Manager & Counsellor – Parent Intervention Program at Kotak Education Foundation (NGO), Mumbai Nov’11- Sep’14 
  • Content Developer/Research Assistant – Science of Spirituality at SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai Oct’14-Dec’15
  • Content Manager in School of Vocational Education at TISS (Tata Institute of Social Science), Mumbai Dec’15-Aug’17


  • MBA (Social Entrepreneurship) from NMIMS, Mumbai 2017
  • MBA (HRM) from Wellingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai (Distance Learning)   2012
  • M.S. (Counseling & Psychotherapy) from IPMS Distance Learning (Institute for Psychotherapy & Management Sciences), Mumbai 2006
  • Diploma (Counselling) from IPMS (Institute for Psychotherapy and Management Sciences), Mumbai 2005
  • B.A. (Psychology) from RD National College Bandra, Mumbai 199
  • 2017 to 2018 in United way Mumbai As community impact manager. 

Attended Art Residency:

Space 118 art residency for a month in November 2018




Attended Art Residency:

Space 118 art residency for a month in November 2018


Journey :

I draw inspiration from my interactions with people travels and first-hand observations 

I am mostly self-taught and have a style which is alluring me towards abstraction and realism

My work is not mainly my expression they are a moment in my process of being I am one with the world I don’t isolate I embrace each and every grainy detail presented to me in this journey of keeping the faith.One of the Perversity of faith is that they create compartments,

Compartments have stagnant air, I make conscious efforts to not be stereotypical, I need to think as a whole and not in parts hence I don’t work in series yeah I do have a pattern and my meandering have created pathways and I see myself working in themes unconsciously 

I don’t paint during my depths of despair I paint in height of bliss my work reflects my positivity my work speaks to me it has a strong personality

I spent a whole life discovering that the best things in life happen to us happen serendipitously not by design everything that has come my way has come unplanned sometimes or rather often as the byproduct of some major disappointment. I lost a job only to find a better one, I quit another to discover the excitement of creating an enterprise 

Every relationship that ended brought a new one that flowered my whole life has been a series of glorious accidents, I learnt early on the art of treasuring small things . the small things keep alive the best moments of my life. life has taught me to keep the faith I prefer to be surprised I wait for miracles and the incredible magic of chaos 

I also do have a Curious Mind, Constantly enquiring and discovering not ensnared by established theories formulas dogmas or belief

I avoid Calcification of the truth vehemently these eventually turn in to a belief

I want a richness of experience, not just a mere existence

I have lived a protected life not gained experience in many a stratum in life

I want to acquire a richness in texture

I am spiritual by nature

My silence remains with me as a deep substratum to my being

Silence is the music of wisdom

I am slow cause I want to capture everything

Slow is the counter-revolution to our obsession with speed

I set my own speed.

I exist in the world and yet beyond it.